“Meet the Doc… one of NTR’s Tool Health Heroes“

Chris Weeds | Managing Director

Looking to improve the health of your driven/live tooling units?

Tooling refurbishment | NTR Ltd

Tooling refurbishment

Refurbish, repair, reuse – how to make massive savings on your tooling costs.

New tooling manufacture

We have decades of experience in producing complex tooling, find out how we can help you.

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    Live Tooling | NTR Ltd

    Live tooling maintenance

    Our experts offer a complete solution to service, repair and maintain of driven and live tooling.

    Manufacture to Print | NTR Ltd

    Manufacture to print

    Your design expertly manufactured by us. Need advice for improvements? We will help.

    Precision Engineers | NTR Ltd

    Precision engineers

    We are proud of our team and their extensive expertise and engineering skills.


    Our Management Team

    At NTR, we are only as good as our people and we believe that our team is exceptional. Our Management Team has many years of industry experience and each brings their own skills to the table. Whether from the engineering sector or not, these skills are transferable to everything that we do.

    Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is a success.”

    Henry Ford

    NTR Chris Weeds MD
    NTR Chris Weeds MD

    Chris Weeds

    Managing Director

    NTR Philip Robinson - Management Accountant
    NTR Philip Robinson – Management Accountant

    Philip Robinson

    Management Accountant

    NTR Sam Wood - Operations Director
    NTR Sam Wood – Operations Director

    Sam Wood

    Operations Director

    NTR Mike Reilly - Commercial Director
    NTR Mike Reilly – Commercial Director

    Mike Reilly

    Commercial Director (South)

    NTR Charlotte Foster - Commercial Supervisor
    NTR Charlotte Foster – Commercial Supervisor

    Charlotte Foster

    Commercial Supervisor

    NTR Mick Sykes - Engineering Manager
    NTR Mick Sykes – Engineering Manager

    Mick Sykes

    Engineering Manager


    Need reliable engineering expertise?


    Our company services

    We pride in ourselves in offering the very best engineering solutions for our customers. Our wide range of services means we are the one-stop shop for their needs.

    Tooling Reclamation

    NTR are specialists in Tooling repairs, refurbishment and reclamation – saving businesses thousands.

    Live Tooling Maintenance

    We repair Driven/Live Tooling and also offer service agreements to ensure up-time in your production facility.

    In-house CAD/CAM

    In-house CAD/CAM design and implementation expertise makes us the go-to team for complex components and tooling.

    Manufacture to Print

    Your design carefully manufactured by NTR using precision engineering and employing complex geometry when needed.

    Fit4Nuclear Accreditation

    F4N means we measure our operations against the exacting standards required to supply the nuclear industry.

    Specialist Materials

    Expertise in using a wide range of metals in the production of Tooling or manufacture to print components.

    Coatings & Treatments

    We are able to coat Tooling and components to ensure the strength, stability and speed of the component.

    Fast Track Service

    Quick turnaround available on business critical orders. We understand when speed is of the essence.


    Our Tooling Projects

    From the smallest redesign of a cutting tool to the production of parts for a huge project on the continent, the NTR Team have the breadth of knowledge to tackle most challenges head-on.

    Your project is our project and whether you know exactly or your requirements or you need our advice, talk to us!

    Tool before | NTR Ltd


    Tool after | NTR Ltd


    Burr | NTR Ltd


    Testimonials from our tooling customers

    Cutting Tools | NTR Ltd

    “Our OEM manufacturer discontinued a tool, the NTR team not only reverse engineered it from an existing tool, but they also designed out a flaw that had caused production issues for years!”


    Mike Selby

    Regrinding | NTR Ltd

    “The collaboration between our R&D Department and the NTR Engineers has been such a rewarding way of working. To be honest, we just think of them as part of our team now.”


    Maria Sellers

    “The capability of the engineers at NTR never fail to impress. We’ve worked with them for a few years now and the tools always come back to Poland in good time and with good quality.”


    Henryk Przadka

    Cutting tools | NTR Ltd

    “We’ve made a striking difference to our bottom line with the savings we’ve made in tooling costs. The repairs and refurbs carried out by NTR are also an important part of our ISO:14001.”


    Steve Goddard

    New Tooling | NTR Ltd

    Ford | NTR Ltd
    The Royal Mint | NTR Ltd
    Sheffield Forgemasters | NTR Ltd
    Jaguar | NTR Ltd
    Getrag | NTR Ltd
    bigrangi | NTR Ltd
    Perkins | NTR Ltd
    Cummins | NTR Ltd
    Baker Hughes | NTR Ltd
    Triumph | NTR Ltd
    CAT | NTR Ltd


    Case studies

    Precision engineering can make the difference between the success and failure of a project.

    Vienna Case Study | NTR Ltd

    Metro Station, Vienna

    The Kelpies Case Study | NTR Ltd

    The Kelpies, Falkirk

    Waterloo Station Case Study | NTR Ltd

    London Waterloo

    Cutty Sark Case Study | NTR Ltd

    Cutty Sark, Greenwich

    Roads Case Study | NTR Ltd

    Road Projects, UK

    Police Memorial Case Study | NTR Ltd

    Police Memorial

    Rai8lways Case Study | NTR Ltd

    Rail Network, UK


    Head Office

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